The PortfolioViewer™ are presenting and visualizing your Norwegian license portfolio, fields / discoveries, reserves & production profiles, in addition to all belonging documents and reports

The PortfolioViewer™ are integrating public E & P data for easy access and use by your employees and management to obtain license portfolio information about companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Even more value for you – let us combine your own portfolio information with the historical.

Easy to use and always updated with publicly available data – see examples below

Overview and maps – create license portfolio maps of selected companies, combine it with several owner’s portfolio and create your preferred map or poster.


Production Licenses & Business Units – get details about the licenses and units with both present and historical ownerships.


Fields and Discoveries – Production profile and current status on owners, original in-place and recoverable hydrocarbons are presented. In addition, you will get overview of remaining resources and reserves after production.

Resources & Reserves – All numbers from discoveries and fields are presented and could be filtered based on company of interest and based on geographical area. Figures and pre-defined reports are easily available for storage or printing.

Production profiles – Individual field production or total production for a company are presented based on company of interest and based on geographical area. Monthly production based on hydrocarbon phase, gross versus net production to selected company and water production are illustrated. Figures and re-defined reports are easily available for storage or printing.

Data files and documents – All related files and documents are easily available and filtered based on area of interest. Always updated selection based on the area of interest.

GIS data – Environmental data are made available for integration with the portfolios to make sure the owners could illustrate their environmental sustainable activity. Other GIS overlays and data may be included based on individual needs.

Other functionalities – A selection of different basemaps are available with selection of light or dark themes for the user to create a “personal” preferred view.